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We focus on applying artificial intelligence techniques in industries. Our expertise are data analysis and data mining, machine learning and optimization, big data processing and data platform design. Combining our experience with your domain expert’s knowledge, we deliver tailored end to end solutions.

About Us

Datamole focuses on application of artificial intelligence techniques in industry. The core business consists of three areas; (big) data analysis, data mining and knowledge extraction; design, implementation and maintenance of (big) data platforms; research and development in solving complex problems with AI techniques and data driven approaches (machine learning, optimization).

Covering those areas, together with customer’s subject matter expert, Datamole is able to deliver tailored, end to end solutions starting with data collection, processing and storing at scale through comprehensive data analysis to highly added value solutions utilizing artificial intelligence techniques.

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We help industries become AI driven businesses!


A multidisciplinary field such as data science requires a multidisciplinary team. We are a team of professionals and academicians in data science and artificial intelligence as well as software and big data engineering.

The Datamole data scientists aim to:

  • Understand data engineering and data storage architecture to be able to collect, process and store data.
  • Be proficient in big data infrastructures and platforms to process data and run algorithms at scale.
  • Excel in mathematics and statistics to perform and understand (exploratory) data analysis, test hypotheses, optimize methods and research new approaches.
  • Master variety of data mining and machine learning techniques to create reliable predictive models, perform meaningful clustering or detect anomalies.
  • Be creative to propose new approaches for defined problems.
  • Be trained in software engineering and architecture to deliver sustainable software systems.
  • Be strong in visualisation of complex data and results of experiments in an interpretable way.
  • Be communicative to be able to explain extracted information and knowledge.

We, at Datamole, are not a team of unicorns, each excelling in all these fields. However, as a team, we excel in all of them!

Join Us

We seek enthusiastic colleagues not just for AI, data mining, machine learning and big data, but also front-end and back-end developers and software engineers.

Applied Computer Vision Engineer Cloud Software Engineer Computer Vision Research Intern Data-Oriented Python Developer Deep Learning Vision Engineer Mid-level Data Scientist Technology Scout


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