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We focus on applying artificial intelligence techniques in industries. Our expertise are data mining, machine learning and big data which all intersect in data science.

About Us

Data collection, data processing and preprocessing, data analyses, modelling and visualisation are the steps towards making information from the data and extracting knowledge. We help domain experts with their own data to support their decisions with data driven methods. Our automated platform applies hundreds of data mining and machine learning algorithms (segmentation, classification, prediction, anomaly detection) on the data of any scale to find the most suitable technique and get the best results in the given domain. We support the domain experts along the whole process. From defining the experiment through platform and architecture design to interpretation of the results and understandable visualisation.


Multidisciplinary field such as data science requires a multidisciplinary team. We are team of professionals and academicians in data science and artificial intelligence as well as software and big data engineering.

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We seek enthusiastic colleagues not just for AI, data mining, machine learning and big data, but also front-end and back-end developers and software engineers.

Current openings

Junior Big Data Developer Junior Data Scientist Data Scientist Intern Technology Scout .NET Developer JavaScript Visualisations Developer


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